Thursday, July 2, 2009

Being NS'ed? Nope.

When I recall back my memory on yesterday which is Wednesday, I can remember people in my school talking about who got picked for next year's national service and who don't since the list was out for dunno when it was released. Some people doesn't wish to be picked for next year's national service, while other people having a passion to go for national service to get some experience from there. Some people that I know who got picked for national service are Wei Xin, Chia Kuui, Yi Han and some of my classmates. Wei Xin talking nonsense about how Chia Kuui would react in NS and how will Wei Xin becomes a commando when Chia Kuui went berserk in a NS camp. It is stupid but it is funny to hear his nonsense. During maths class, Yi Han and Darryl help my class to check who got picked for NS and who don't by using a school laptop after Yi Han helping teacher to check some programs for the maths project. Most of my classmates who wanted to check didn't picked for NS except one of them who got picked. And I am one of them who didn't picked for NS and I was like "Really ah? Sure or not?". I'm quite surprised and happy of didn't being picked for NS but I don't believe and I want to double check if got picked for NS next year. I send a SMS to the NS office after tuition at to make sure if I got picked, it takes a long time to receive the reply. After waiting for about two hours, I was going to sleep and the NS office replied. When looked at the reply, I didn't picked for next year's NS (yesssss). I can enjoy my time for three months of relaxation after SPM and have the chance to visit Melbourne to see my brother.

So yeah, I'm not being NS'ed. Yessss.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

More Than meets the eye

During Friday night, Jian-Yong, Marcus, Wei Xin, Yat Hong, Yong Ken, Yu Beng and I went to 1U to watch Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen. It was an okay film but I have mixed feelings towards the film. The special effects are great, showing a lot of details of the robots. We have the chance to see more robots fighting in the film. But the storyline isn't pleasing, things are never explained such as why Starscream having tattoos over his body, why Megatron is so dedicated to serve the Fallen and where is Wheelie at near the end of the film. There are quite many characters having less screentime and a few lines in the film such as Sideswipe, Sideswipe is a cool Autobot with a cool alternate mode but he only appear sometimes and he speak a few lines. And there are some characters are underused and having wasted potentials such as Devastator, Devastator is a freaking huge robotic behemoth that composes Constructicons (number of them are varies) and it has the chance to pawn the whole Autobot-human alliance just a finger flick. But no, the only big thing it does is smashing the peak of a pyramid to expose the Sun Harvester before being killed by a shot of a railgun. The character having the worst role in the film is Jolt, Jolt is a blue colored robot with electric weapons but having the least screentime in film, he only appeared some bits of a few scenes that nobody would notice him and the big thing he only does is helping Ratchet to upgrade Optimus Prime with parts of Jetfire and that's all. It is a letdown to people who have high expectation on this film and TF1 have better storyline than this film. But at least it is better than Dragonball. I hope TF3 will be a better sequel for the trilogy and the production team will learn their mistakes.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Today's Outing

Jian-Yong, Marcus, Melvin, Kar Loke, See Toh, Yong Ken and me having an outing in 1U today. We planned to have a movie marathon for our outing but we didn't plan properly. We only watched Monsters vs Aliens in 3D. The movie isn't good as Kung Fu Panda because it's kiddish and kinda lame. Plus there is no big difference between the normal movie and the movie in 3D, except you can see 2D objects and 3D world. And the 3D glasses aren't comfortable to people who are wearing specs like me, even some of my friends without glasses felt a bit dizzy.

After watching MVA, some of us went home. Only me, JY, Marcus, Kar Loke and Yong Ken stay back in 1U. We went to Toy"R"Us to check some stuff and before going there, we went to Anime Tech to check some stuff. We had nothing much to see in Anime Tech but we see a TV showing an Anime called "Gurren Lagann", only me and JY watched this Anime and others don't know it. Then we proceed to TRU, we just looked around the toys and we had commenting about Bionicle (Which is a Lego toyline that me, JY and Kar Loke likes). We also had nothing much to do there but JY found and bought The Allspark Cube to conquer the world by turning machines into army of sentient beings.... just exaggerating. In reality, he found a Bump Cube (It's like a Rubik's Cube but the pieces aren't uniformed). He originally wanted to buy a Rubik's Magic (5x5 cube) but there are only two Floppy Cubes left in the shelf, so he decided to buy the Floppy Cube and I have to lend him 50 bucks to buy it. Thus, he's owing me 50 bucks. After that, we headed to the bowling alley.

We played 3 games in the alley (except Kar Loke, he went to play arcade), it's fun but the lane that we played have some problems. It places less pins in some turns and even no pins are placed! We have to reset the pins everytime when it happens. In the end, Yong Ken scored 1st place, Marcus got 2nd, I got 3rd, and JY got 4th. Next, we played Foosball. My group always win the game everytime.

In the end, I went home at six.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Home Alone

During these few days of school holidays, my parents aren't home, my sister study in a college and my brother go for work. So me, sitting at home alone and using the comp most of the time. Most of my lunch are butter cookies and dinner at least I ate some proper food. And now I have this feeling wanted to watch movies like Star Trek.

And about the Alpha Camp that I went, the place is good. It is the MBS Recreational Centre that I have went to when I was Form 1 for CG retreat. It has a sport centre, swimming pool, dorms, obstacle course and last but not least, a convenient store to buy some supplies (drinks, ice-creams and candies). The experience in the camp is okay, but what sucks is I don't get some nice sleep in the camp. The Form 3's whom participates the camp, are so noisy that they don't even care about the people who want to sleep. I have to wait them lower their voice and then I can get to sleep sweet and sound. But overall, the camp is good.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Camping Tomorrow

I'll packing up my stuff for a camp tomorrow, and that camp is Alpha Camp organized by Datin Tan and some of the students from my school. This camp is a Christian camp by my school and non-Christians are allowed to participate this camp. And I'm not sure what's the purpose of the camp but it'll be enjoying.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

AED, Revival, Freedom, Yessss

It's such a long time that I didn't add any post for my blog due to procrastination. So it's AED time to revive this blog up. And by the way, mid-terms in over(almost, still got PJK but don't care). So it is time for freedom and holidays, yessss.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Back From Camp/First LegoLand in Asia/Spectacular Spider-Man

I'm back from the youth camp three days ago, it was good for the event. But I have a mixed reaction of the campsite, the place are good but the dorm toilets sucks. The water pressure from shower is like piss to no water when many people having shower. And I made a mental note for myself, remember to bring toilet rolls to any camps for just in case if it doesn't provide toilet rolls.

Lego Company confirmed that Malaysia will have the first LegoLand theme park in Asia, the theme park will be complete in year 2013. So yay for the Malaysian Lego fan. And I hope the theme park won't be vandalized after it opens.

After watching the whole season 1 of Spectacular Spider-Man, I can say it is very good and considering it is better than the 9o's cartoon. I like the episodes that shows Spidey vs The Venom Symbiote, more epic than Spidey 3 and episodes in 90's cartoon. Because the Venom Symbiote have a personality and there is a mental battle between Peter and the Symbiote which is awesome. Hope season 2 is awesome as season 1.